Monday, September 19, 2011

Worlds: Seen and Unseen -- Again

Solon, Maine artist Abby Shahn organized a show of globes this summer in the storefronts of Skowhegan called 'Worlds: Seen and Unseen."  About 30 artists made "globes," or whatever their idea of globe meant -- cable dish, hornet's nest, rosemary bush.  Mine was more traditional:

Called "Global Sleepover."  Medium:  globe and pillows made of military disposable pillowcases.   Each pillow represents 10,000 US military personnel stationed throughout the world.  There are 150 pillows.  

The globes came down in Skowhegan in August, but some of them, Global Sleepover included, are going to spin in the Space Gallery window on Congress Street in Portland.