Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Medals for All

The day of the Walker School Dearly Kept Exhibit – from my artist residency there – was the same day that students received medals for reading lots of books.  

In my mind, the medals cold have easily been for the great work they did on this project.  All grades, K-5, participated -- 100 students.  They drew a “cherished” object, wrote about it, then sculpted it out of clay and painted the sculpture.  Here’s a few samples.  (Some drawings are in an earlier post.)

"I cherish my car.  It is cool!"

"My cherished object is a B-B gun.  it is a Red Rider 70th Edition.  Why it means a lot to me is because I got it from a friend."  

"My cherished object is my silver and black TV.  For a long time I couldn't watch TV.  In front of my TV is a place where I can sit down and relax."  

"My Grandmaw is my cherished object.  My Grandmaw came from Portugal and speaks Portugese. She is special because she is my Mom's mom."

OK, now gotta go work on my own Dearly Kept.  

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