Saturday, October 30, 2010

day one

Recently I was given on old electrolux vacuum cleaner -- the best! -- which I plopped on a shelf in my new studio.  When thinking about what to call this venture and the accompanying blog, I got really bogged and blogged down with the name:  branding, meaning, easy to say and spell (NOT Piscuskas), easy to remember, originality, blah blah blah bogging down.  Originality is guaranteed now, thanks to re domains and blogspot lists of names already taken.  I've put this process aside before, discouraged with the whole job of web identity meshing with true self and what do I mean anyway?... but today I was determined: just pick something.

electrolux studio.  Too long.  elux studio.  yah, and nobody else has it.  The obligatory google search found the Soundelux Elux 251, a tube microphone for recording studios, now branded something else.  I doubt I'll overlap too much with that sector.  Still good.

elux:  elixir, elucidate, elicit.  flux, flox, ... flukes?  maybe.  luxe? um, doubtful.  But maybe elux is the essence of luxe turned on itself: luscious discovery, rich sensations, the comfort of noticing.

I'm still good with it.  It's really just a reminder to me of my first vac (bought used of course!) that was beautifully designed and worked, well, okay, to be honest, but it was about 30 years old.  that's like 90 in person-years!

What I do can incorporate all of that and more -- interactive installations, social sculpture, community art, art making, recycling, having a place where my kids like to work next to me, sticking down on the farm while foraying widely, just looking at the mountain from my studio window, enlisting the creativity of my friends, making waves.  All that and more.

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