Monday, March 7, 2011

Tip: Write down your account info!

I just spent a good hour hunting around my computer and the web for answers about how to get back to this blog and post something.  Finally made it back through sheer luck.  Now, where was I?
Oh yah:
The Dearly Kept interactive installation is slated to go up around Liberty in less than 3 weeks, so long as I can take care of a few non-minor details -- create the audio, build the display cases, finish the art.  Still, I'm excited.  

Also starting a residency this week at the Walker School, our local elementary, in which the 100 students will be making drawings and sculptures of some object important to them.

Both kids home sick today -- hard to work in the studio with a fevery boy in your lap.   This is a piece for the show from a fossilized clam.


  1. Love the delicacy of the fossilized clam. The residency news is exciting! Hope it fills you with a lot of creative inspiration!
    Love to all you Mainers!

  2. Yay! Martha! I look forward to hearing about your work. Sorry I can't see your Liberty show. What does your studio look like?